List of worksheets for elementary school SEL

Free Worksheets and Activities for Elementary Social Emotional Learning

The Talking Trees are here to help children develop social emotional skills with real-world examples that get to the heart of SEL topics. These colorful, high quality worksheets will help elementary aged students develop social emotional skills around self management, relationships, respect, responsibility, and more. And the best news is... they're completely free.

Quick and Easy to Integrate- Our worksheets make it easy to build your next social emotional learning lesson. Use them by themsleves, or combine these worksheets with our other teaching resources, like lesson plans, presentations, and books. We've noted related activities in the descriptions for each worksheet.

Ready for Remote Learning- Talking with Trees SEL worksheets are available as downloadable PDFs that can be printed, or post them to your Google classroom or other Learning Management System. Built-in fillable fields enable children to type in their answers.
Our PDFs are free to print or share for non-commercial use.

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Empathy Honesty Respect Responsibility

Empathy Worksheets

3 Empathy Worksheets for elementary social emotional learning - SEL

Empathy Worksheets

3 worksheets teach students to predict emotions and build empathy skills

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Empathy worksheet on seeing other perspectives- for elementary social emotional learning

Empathy Worksheet

Walk in someone's shoes teaches children about seeing others' perspectives, having empathy.

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Worksheet on ways to show empathy for elementary social emotional learning - SEL

Empathy Worksheet

Students draw or write about a time they felt empathy.

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Gratitude and thankfulness worksheet - for elementary social emotional learning - SEL

Gratitude Worksheet

Children note things they are thankful for.

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Honesty Worksheets

What is Honesty Worksheet for - for elementary social emotional learning - SEL

What is Honesty Worksheet

Discover different aspects of honesty in words and actions.

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What is Honesty worksheet for kindergarten social emotional learning - SEL

What is Honesty- Kindergarten Worksheet

Picture-based worksheet that shows different aspects of truthfulness.

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What is Conscience worksheet for social emotional learning elementary school - SEL

What is Conscience Worksheet

Printable and Online worksheet about what is a conscience does.

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Conscience interactive worksheet for elementary social emotional learning - SEL

Interactive Conscience Activity

Worksheet with cut/paste interactivity that shows how a conscience works

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Build an interactive conscience- kids social emotional learning activity- SEL

Build a Conscience Activity

Build a full-size Conscience 3000-S Choice Analyzer.

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Respect Worksheets

Respect worksheet- showing respect for people, places things- elementary SEL

Showing Respect Worksheet

Students describe ways to show respect for people, places, things.

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What is Respect, a worksheet for kids social emotional learning - SEL

What is Respect Worksheet

Teach different aspects of respect for self and others.

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Treating others with Respect- Kids Social Emotional Learning Worksheet - SEL

Respect Friendship Worksheet

Students learn to treat others with respect, even when feelings are hurt.

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Responsibility Worksheets

What If Seed Worksheet on respect and responsibility for elementary social emotional learning- SEL

What if Seed Worksheet

Learn to ask "What if?" and act with more respect and responsiblity.

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What is Responsibility Worksheet for kids social emotional learning- SEL

What is Responsibility Worksheet

Children learn what responsibility is and what it means to act responsibly

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