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Talking with Trees Books and Teaching Resources for Elementary SEL Character Ed

Engaging stories and captivating illustrations that help children connect with social emotional lessons.

The Talking with Trees book series and teaching resources are for all the teachers, parents, and counselors who are helping children grow up to become kind, responsible adults.

Research shows that the social emotional lessons children learn about how to get along with others, how to face challenges and keep trying, and how to build a foundation of good traits are essential to their future success in life. The Talking with Trees series gets to the heart of many of these social emotional issues, helping children understand themselves and their motivations and then helping them choose actions that will lead them in the right direction.

Each Talking with Trees book touches on topics like self-awareness, self-management, decision making, and maintaining positive relationships. Along the way, the stories build empathy and social skills while also getting to the heart of good character traits like honesty, respect, and responsibility. In the end, the Talking with Trees series is about helping children feel the internal joy that comes with doing the right thing for the right reason.

Talking with Trees books and teaching resources are used in classrooms and around dinner tables all around the world. Thousands of free worksheets and other teaching resources are downloaded every month, reaching children around the globe with lessons on social emotional and character development.

Where did the series come from?

While raising her own children, the author saw that all kids struggle through core life lessons about growing up to be good people. Yet in the moment when we adults could be teaching our children higher principles, we tend to be caught up in the emotions of the event and don't have the words ready that can turn a challenge into a teaching moment. After lots of practice (Thanks, kids!), the author found the words to teach her children the true essence of concepts like honesty, respect, and responsibility.

"With four kids, you start to see patterns, and you have lots of opportunities to try different ways of communicating complex ideas so that kids understand them. When I saw other parents and teachers dealing with the same issues I was, I thought perhaps it would be helpful to share the words I found really got to the heart of the matter and motivated my children to develop good character" - Colleen Doyle Bryant, author of the Talking with Trees series.

Why Talking Trees?

Trees have been around for generations. Think of what they've seen as our communities have evolved and people have grown up before them. Wouldn't it be amazing if they could share the wisdom gained watching all those people go through all those changes? The Talking Trees are a wonderful voice to share life lessons because one can imagine them being wise, patient, and neutral. And besides, what child doesn't love trees?

Talking with Trees Books flashback scene

Each Talking with Trees book includes a flashback scene when the tree tells a story about seeing the child's parent or grandparent making a similar mistake. This helps children see that making mistakes is ok- it's a part of growing up.

About the Author

Talking with Trees Author Colleen Doyle Bryant

Colleen will tell you that having four kids is great because you find yourself saying things like, "It is not ok to roast marshmallows over my scented candle,” and because they are a never-ending supply of material for books.

After 15 years in marketing and freelance writing, Colleen first turned to children’s book writing as a project to raise money for a foster home in Beijing, China, where her family was living at the time. With the courage gained from that project, Super Easy Storytelling, Colleen turned an idea about sharing bits of parenting wisdom into her first Talking with Trees story. She launched a boutique publishing business, LoveWell Press that also publishes social emotional learning for teens under the Truth Be Told Quotes brand.

Colleen has a Bachelor of Arts in Sociology from Duke University. She and her family live in Oregon, USA amongst lots of amazing trees.

You can follow Colleen on twitter @momstoryteller.

About the Illustrator

Manuela Soriani lives in the same small town in northern Italy where she was born in 1979, among the heats in summer and fogs in winter, near the river Po.

Manuela studied to become an accountant, but Art asked to be part of her life. So she answered the call, found a teacher (and later, friend), and became an artist.

After six years in comic books, Manuela began creating both traditional paper books and animated apps for electronic devices. She uses cutting edge technology to deliver the softest and most brilliant artworks she can, for projects all over the world. Manuela always tries to achieve the best balance between fantastic and realistic in every work, carefully researching how things work and adding details to make her illustrations full of life.

She loves cats (she has two), the colors pink and orange, cooking, salsa dancing, tabletop and roleplaying games, videogames, and all forms of art.