Talking with Trees Books

Social Emotional Learning, Values, and Character Education for Elementary

The Talking Trees from Talking with Trees Books for elementary school aged social emotional learning

Meet the Talking Trees

Growing up is full of important life lessons and these wise, old trees have seen it all before. For generations, they’ve watched children struggle through social emotional lessons in friendship, kindness, honesty, respect, self-awareness. They’ve helped many a child look inside themselves and learn how to do the right thing for the right reason.

Explore their stories, as the trees help children learn how to listen to their hearts and minds, learning to make good choices they can be proud of.

Teaching Resources

Talking with Trees books are supported by tons of free online social emotional learning curriculum resources. Explore our catalog of free SEL worksheets, lesson plans and more for elementary school aged children.

Talking with Trees Book 1: Be Proud- social emotional learning book for elementary school children

Be Proud

"A conscience is that voice in your head and feeling in your heart that tells you if something is right or wrong."

When a boy sneaks off to play his gameplayer, he's surprised by a wise tree who teaches a gentle lesson dabout honesty, self-management, and forgiving yourself for mistakes.

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Talking with Trees Book 2: Be Bigger- social emotional learning book for elementary school children

Be Bigger

"Treat others the way you would like to be treated."

Showing kindness when your feelings are hurt may not be easy, but a wise tree shows a girl how to be bigger than her emotions. See how she builds self-awareness and perseveres to show caring in her relationship.

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Talking with Trees Book 3: What if- social emotional learning book for elementary school children

What if

"Before you act, ask yourself 'What if I do this, what could happen?'"

A pair of siblings keeps finding themselves in trouble, until this old mulberry tree teaches them how to pause and think before they act or speak. Learn a technique that teaches responsibility, self-management and respect.

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Why Talking with Trees Books

  • Written for elementary school students, grades K-4
  • Real-life situations kids can relate to
  • Emotive imagery helps children connect emotionally with the lessons
  • Builds internal motivation to make good choices they can be proud of

Social Emotional Learning Topics

  • Self-awareness, self-management
  • Positive relationships, social awareness
  • Decision making
  • Social skills

Character Education Topics

  • Honesty, Conscience
  • Respect
  • Responsibility
  • Caring, Empathy
  • Perseverance and Growth Mindset

Free Teaching Resources

Supported by an extensive catalog of free social emotional learning (SEL) curriculum resources including lesson plans, worksheets, posters, coloring pages, presentations...

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