Interactive Conscience Worksheet

Character Ed / SEL Activity for grades 2-5
-- printable PDF with cut and paste interactivity

Conscience Activity -   Character Ed / SEL for kids

Activity about Conscience, Core Values


Teach children how their conscience helps them judge whether their actions are in line with what they know is right and wrong.

Grade Level

2 - 5

Character / SEL Topics

  • Self awareness, Self Management
  • Decision Making
  • Traits: Respect, Responsibility, Honesty, Caring, Fairness

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What is Conscience Interactive Worksheet Activity


Conscience Lesson Key Points:

See the conscience lesson plan for full teaching points.

Explain conscience

A conscience is the voice in your head and the feeling in your heart that helps you know if something is right or wrong.

When you want to take action, your conscience compares what you want to do against your core values, like Honesty, Repect, Responsibility, Fairness and Caring. Then it sends you signals about whether what you want to do (or have done) is in line with what you think is right or wrong.

Connect the mind and the body: Good Choices Feel Good

What are some ways your conscience tells you a choice is right? Does your heart feel full? Do you feel proud? What are some ways your conscience helps you know if a choice is wrong? Does your heart feel tight or twisty? Do you feel nervous or worried?

How to Use the Conscience Interactive Worksheet

In this interactive worksheet, students see how a conscience is kind of like a super computer that works with your heart and mind to tell you whether a choice is right or wrong / good or bad.

Conscience Activity Step 2- Cut and Color

2. Cut apart the sections on the dotted lines.
Color in the Conscience 3000-S Super Computer.

Conscience Activity Step 3- Build the Conscience 3000

3. Fold the paper for the Conscience-3000 computer on the line indicated and paste to the worksheet.

Conscience Activity Step 4- Input Actions

4. Now it's time to make the computer work! Put in an input action and compare it against the core values. Is the action Honest, Respectful, Responsible, Caring, Fair?

Conscience Activity Step 5- Choose an output

5. Choose an output- What does your conscience tell you? Does the action feel like the right thing to do or the wrong thing to do?

Conscience Activity Step 6- Paste Answers

6. Paste the matching input and ouput answers in the spaces provided.