Character Education Teaching Resources

Character Education teaching resources for elementary school children

Teaching Resources for Character Education

Honest, Respect, Responsiblity, Caring, Fairness... these are essential character traits for children to understand. Join the lovable Talking Trees in teaching kids how to have good character traits with lessons that get to the heart of making good choices for the right reasons. Discover our collection of Talking with Trees books and free character education teaching resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, posters, and more.

Talking with Trees downloadable PDFs and presentations are completely free to share, print, or post to your Google Classroom for non-commercial use. Our books aren't free, but they are available in print and ebook.

Best of the Web Resources

If our character education resources aren't quite what you are looking for, explore our "Best of the Web" collection. We've scoured the web to find the best free character education videos, songs and activities from other character education creators too. Whether you use our materials or enjoy our "Best of the Web" collection of free character education resources, we hope you'll keep coming back to this character education resource center for the tools you need to help children build good character.