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Character education songs for elementary Grades K-4

Character Education Songs

Songs light up children's brains, helping them remember character education concepts and connect emotionally. That's what makes songs a great way to help kids remember character education lessons about honesty, respect, kindness, perseverance and more good traits. We listened to hours worth of songs to find you some of the best songs on available free* on YouTube for teaching character traits. These songs are for elementary aged students and will help you quickly launch a memorable character education lesson.

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Character Education Songs by Subject:

Honesty - Character Ed Songs

Honesty Song by Songs for Kindergarten

Traits: Honesty

A lively character education song about the good feelings that come with being honest and the importance of building trust.

My Monkey Won't tell the Truth

Traits: Honesty

Song that tells a story about a lying, tricky monkey who has trouble keeping friends.

All about Honesty Song by Harry Kindergarten Music

Traits: Honesty

Upbeat character education song about telling the truth and being someone people can trust.

Respect - Character Education Songs

Respect Rap

Traits: Respect, Caring

A diverse group of children raps about what respect is and the importance of treating each other with respect.

All about Respect Song

Traits: Respect

Respect rap style song about treating others with respect.

I Can Follow the Rules Song

Traits: Respecting rules and respecting others

Song about respecting classroom rules and treating classmates with respect.

Respect Song with Actions

Traits: Respecting others

Gentle song with memorable hand movements about respecting each other and treating each other well.

Responsibility - Character Education Videos

Responsibility Song

Traits: Responsibility

Song about taking responsibility and doing what you say you'll do.

Responsibility - Character Trait Song for Kids

Traits: Responsibility

Lively song about following through, finishing your task, setting a good example.

Perseverance - Character Ed Songs

Growth Mindset Song - Sesame Street and Bruno Mars

Traits: Perseverance, Growth Mindset

Bruno Mars sings with the Sesame Street characters about trying and not giving up.

Growth Mindset Song - I have a go

Traits: Perseverance, Growth Mindset

Chipper song about trying new things and finding out that it'll be ok.

Let's get to it Song - the perseverance song

Traits: Perseverance, Growth Mindset

Memorable song about trying, keeping going when things are difficult.

Caring / Empathy - Character Education Songs

Kindness is a Muscle

Traits: Caring, Kindness

Happy song that encourages kindness by teaching kids that kindness is a muscle that you need to exercise everyday.

The Empathy Song

Traits: Caring, Empathy

Song that teaches that empathy is about understanding how others feel.

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