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Character education videos for elementary Grades K-4

Character Education Videos

Videos are a great way to teach kids about good character. Whether you are looking for a short video for a character education lesson or an inspirational video to encourage good character traits… look no further.

We’ve sorted through hours of character education videos created by various YouTube content creators to gather some of the best free* character education videos on the web for elementary aged students.

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Character Education Videos by Subject:

Honesty Character Ed Videos

A Story about Honesty- Making good choices

Character Traits: Honesty, Conscience, Forgiveness

This animated version of the book, Be Proud, tells the story of a young boy who sneaks off to play his gameplayer when mom told him not to. To his surprise, a wise old tree helps him see that his conscience is there to remind him to act honestly, even when no one is looking. With a gentle hand, the tree helps the boy grow from his mistakes and learn the true reward of making choices he can be proud of. This video is supported by free SEL teaching resources online.

Honesty character education video for kids

Kids with Character- Honesty

Character Traits: Honesty

An honest boy tells a story about how he found a wallet and returned it. Discusses honesty and the good feelings that come from doing kind things.

Build Character- Honesty

Character Traits: Honesty

A clear, engaging video about what honesty is and how honesty builds trust.

Honesty for kids

Character Traits: Honesty

A teacher presents about what honesty is, when to tell the truth and when to just think it (being considerate.)

Respect Character Ed Videos

Respect: Start the Ripple

Character Traits: Respect

Children talk about what respect means to them, what it means to treat others with respect.

Be Respectful Classroom: The Be Kind People

Character Traits: Respect

Peppy team teaches kids that respect is thinking about how one's actions impact others.

Use Polite Words

Character Traits: Respect

This cute character education video shows how one boy treats the lunch server with respect and politeness, and gets treated kindly in return. The other boy learns about using polite words.

School Counselor Rob explains Respect

Character Traits: Respect

Popular video from School Counselor Rob explain respect in terms kids understand.

Responsibility Character Ed Videos

A story about Responsibility- What if?

Character traits: Responsibility, Respect, Caring, Empathy

In this animated video of the book, What if?, two siblings learn how their words and actions have consequences. The fun, relatable story includes themes on anticipating how your actions may impact your own safety, considering how your words and actions impact others, how to treat others with respect and courtesy, and how to act responsibily. Plant a seed that helps kids remember to ask "What if?" with free related activities online.

Responsibility for kids

Character Traits: Responsibility

A teacher delivers a short lesson on responsibility, what it is, and how being responsible puts you in control.

Responsible Decision Making

Character Traits: Responsibility

Short lesson on making responsible choices and the consequences that come from bad choices.

Stop Making Excuses and Own your Actions

Character Traits: Responsibility

Straight talking lesson on accepting responsibility for your actions with examples kids can relate to.

Choices and Consequences Character Ed Videos

Consequences for kids

Character Traits: Good Choices / Consequences

Teacher Jessica Diaz explains what consequences are and how good and bad choice lead to good and bad consequences.

Kid President Talks Choices and Decision Making

Character Traits: Good Choices / Consequences

Kid president talks about making good choices including, being impulsive, not doing anything, being a follower, making smart choices and recognizing consequences.

Perseverance Character Ed Videos

A story about perseverance- Be Bigger

Character Traits: Perseverance, Respect, Caring

In this animated video of the book, Be Bigger, a young girl's feelings are hurt by her friend. At first, all she can thing to do is to be mean back to her friend. With the help of a wise old tree, the girl learns to treat her friend with respect and caring, to rise above hurt feelings, and to do the right thing, even when it's difficult. Lessons on persevering, treating others with respect and caring. Video works well with free related activities online.

Growth mindset

Character Traits: Perseverance

Cute video that learning isn't about being smart, it's about working your brain to learn.

Ornie the Pig

Character Traits: Perseverance

Ornie is very persistent, and very creative in his pursuit for a cookie. A fun way to teach perseverance.

Famous Failures

Character Traits: Perseverance

Surprising examples of famous people who failed at first, but then persevered to success.

Empathy / Caring Character Ed Videos

What is empathy

Character Traits: Caring, Empathy

Studens from a public school talk about what empathy means to them.

All about empathy

Character Traits: Caring, Empathy

Bright, clear lesson on what empathy is and how to practice it.

Kid President- Things we should say more often

Character Traits: Caring, Empathy, Kindness

Kid President is so fun to watch. He inspires kids to act with good character, such as treating each other with kindness, respect, and caring.

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