Best Books about Responsibility

List of the best childrens books about responsibility

Books with Lessons on Responsibility

These books are a great way to introduce responsibility to young children. With themes around acting responsibly, taking responsibilty for your actions, and recognizing how your actions have consequences, these picture books for elementary aged children are a great way to explain a critical life skill.

If you are looking for some more help explaining responsibility to kids, try these Responsibility Teaching Resources.

Childrens book on responsibility- What if

What if?- Thinking before you act

Traits: responsibilty, respect, self-control

Two siblings keep finding themselves in trouble until a wise old tree teaches them to ask "What if?" and to think through the consequences before they act. Asking "What if?" helps the kids learn how to have fun, while keeping them safe and helping them treat others with care and kindness. "Ask yourself what if? If you'll hurt yourself, hurt someone else, or make your momma mad, change your action." Also includes free online teaching resources.

Train your dragon to be responsible

Traits: responsibility

This pet dragon keeps saying, "It's not my fault." Laugh along as the dragon learns to take responsibility for their actions and to be responsible about doing the things they need to do.

book on responsibility- Do I Have To?

Do I have to?

Traits: responsibility

This kids book presents lots of situations about responsibility in the format of an advice column. Kids learn about acting responsibly and taking responsibilty in areas like forgetting homework or taking care of the family pet. While it's a picture book, teachers find the language good for older elementary students as well.

Book on responsibility- A little spot of responsibility

A little spot of responsibility

Traits: responsibility

This book focuses on different types of responsibilities and how each child has the choice to think about positive and negative consequences. There's not much of a story here, it's more of an overview about what responsibilty is and how to feel empowered to make responsible choices.

Book on responsibility for kids- It's not my fault

It's not my fault

Traits: responsibility

Story about a young rabbit who keeps making mistakes-- but it’s never his fault. Tale about taking responsibility for your actions.

Book on responsibility- David gets in trouble

David gets in trouble

Traits: responsibility, truthfulness

David keeps getting in trouble, and it's never his fault. Silly antics help show the importance in being truthful and taking responsibility for your actions.

Childrens book on responsibility- The Way I Act

The Way I Act

Traits: responsibility, persistence, curiosity

With emotive faces and colors, the author teaches kids about character traits and what it means to behave well.

Book on responsibility- What if Everybody did that

What if everybody did that?

Traits: responsibility, respect

A young boy learns how to respect his world and be responsibile for his choices. Illustrations show that while one person doing something disrespectful may not seem like a big deal, if everyone did it the results would be awful.

Childrens book on responsibility- Tell the Truth BB Wolf

Tell the Truth BB Wolf

Traits: responsibility, honesty

The Big Bad Wolf has reformed himself, so when he's asked to speak about his past actions, he finds it hard to own up to the truth. The tale teaches kids about taking responsibility for your actions, telling the truth, and that people can change.

Book on responsibility- Stanley and the Class Pet

Stanley and the Class Pet

Traits: responsibility, friendship

When it's Stanley's turn to take care of the class pet, he learns about the consequences of not being responsible. Story also has a good lesson on owning up to mistakes and not giving in to peer pressure, especially when you know something is wrong.

Book with lessons on responsibility- Character Building Day by Day

Character Building Day by Day

Traits: responsibility, respect, honesty, caring and more

The short (very short) read aloud stories in this book are designed to start a conversation about good character. It may not look inspiring, but teachers rave about how students enjoy the vingettes and how they really get kids talking about good traits.

Book on taking responsibility- But it's not my fault

But it's not my fault

Traits: responsibility

Addresses the ages-old blame game and teaches kids to take resposibility for their actions.

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