What if Seed Worksheet / Activity

Character Ed / SEL worksheet for grades K-4
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What if seed- Worksheet for Character Ed / SEL for kids

Activity on Respect and Responsibility


Help students act with more respect and responsibility for themselves and others. This activity plants a "What if seed" that reminds students to pause and ask themselves "what if?" in order to consider consequences before they act.

Grade Level

K - 4

Character / SEL Topics

  • Treating self and others with respect
  • Acting with responsibility
  • Kindness / Caring

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What if seed Worksheet Activity


This activity is based on the book, "What if?" where a wise old tree teaches two children to pause and ask "What if?" before they act or speak. The tree teaches the children that taking a moment to think of outcomes or consequences can help keep them from hurting themselves, from hurting someone else, or from having a negative impact.

Using the worksheet, students cut out the seed and "plant a what if seed" that will help each child remember to pause and think before acting.

What if I do this... what could happen?

  • If you'll hurt yourself...
  • hurt someone else...
  • or make your momma mad...
  • Change your action
Page from the children's book What if- small size
Poster on respect and responsibility - ask yourself what if?

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