What is Respect Worksheet

Character Ed / SEL worksheets for Grades 2-4
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Respect Worksheet for SEL / Character Education

Understanding Respect


Children match real world situations with respectful and disrespectul actions. Teaches aspects of respect / social skills including being respectful with your tone and volume, respecting yourself, being kind even when you're upset.

Grade Level


Character / SEL Topics

  • Respect for self and others
  • Social Awareness, Social Skills
  • Self Management
  • Positive interpersonal relationships

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The Respect Worksheet can be used standalone, or with the book "What if":

Stand alone- Explain Repect

To explain more about respect, see the "What is Respect" Definition for kids.

Using the worksheet, students read scenarios and match respectful or disrespectful actions. Students can write in answers or use the fillable fields to type their answers.

Story-based Activity

This activity is based on the book, "What if?" where a wise old tree teaches two children to pause and ask "What if?" before they act or speak. The tree teaches the children that taking a moment to think of outcomes or consequences can help them choose a more respectful way to treat others, and themselves.

See a full lesson plan for the story plus worksheet.

Poster on respect and responsibility - ask yourself what if?

What if I do this... what could happen?

  • If you'll hurt yourself...
  • hurt someone else...
  • or make your momma mad...
  • Change your action