Social Skills Teaching Resources and Activities

Social Skills teaching resources for elementary school children

Teaching Resources for Social Skills

Being a good friend, having empathy, making healthy decisions, treating others with respect... these are essential social skills for kids need to grow up and be successful in life. The Talking Trees are here to help, with real-world scenarios that help kids see social skills in action so they can see how to apply social skills in their own lives. Explore our collection of Talking with Trees books and free social skills teaching resources, including worksheets, lesson plans, quotes, and more.

Talking with Trees downloadable PDFs and presentations are completely free to share, print, or post to your Google Classroom for non-commercial use. Our books aren't free, but they are available in print and ebook.

Best of the Web Resources

If our social skills resources aren't quite what you are looking for, explore our "Best of the Web" collection. We've collected lists of other free social skills videos, songs and activities from other creators of socials skills content. Whether you use our materials or find your next social skills lesson in our "Best of the Web" collection we hope you'll help the next generation grow up with the social awareness they need for life..