Social Skills Videos

Social Skills videos for elementary Grades K-4

Social Skills Videos

Social skills videos are a great option for bringing quick social skills lessons into the classroom. We've scoured the internet to create this list of some of the best free* social skills videos on topics like politeness, caring, trustworthiness, respect, and more. Some videos present real-life social skills situations that kids face each day, and some present the key social skills concepts that kids need for life. These social skills videos are geared toward elementary school aged students.

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Politeness Social Skills Videos

Think It or Say It

Social Skills: Treating others with respect, Positive relationships

Students demonstrate being polite when we speak, and that sometimes to be considerate we keep thoughts to ourselves.

Taking No for an Answer

Social Skills: Treating others with respect, Positive Relationships, Self Management

Video explains a 4-step technique for accepting "no" with politeness.

Use Polite Words

Social Skills: Treating others with respect

This social skills video shows how to speak with respect and politeness to the school lunch helper. On boy is polite and gets treated kindly in return. The other boy learns about speaking with more courtesy.

Self-Management Social Skills Videos

A story about thinking before you act - What if?

Social Skills: Self-management, Respect for self and others

In this animated video of the book, What if?, kids will see how two siblings keep finding themselves in trouble until they learn to ask themselves "What if?" before they act or speak. The story includes themes on thinking about how your actions will impact your own safety and considering how your words and actions impact others. Plant a seed that helps kids remember to ask "What if?" with free related activities online.

Consequences for kids

Character Traits: Good Choices / Consequences

Teacher Jessica Diaz explains what consequences are and how good and bad choice lead to good and bad consequences.

Relationships / Bullying Social Skills Videos

A story about treating people with respect- Be Bigger

Social Skills: Positive relationships, Treating others with Respect, Self-management, Managing emotions, Caring

In this animated video of the book, Be Bigger, a young girl's feelings are hurt by her friend. At first, all she can thing to do is to be mean back to her friend. With the help of a wise old tree, the girl learns to treat her friend with respect and caring, to be bigger than her hurt feelings, and to persevere through a challenge to reach a higher goal. This video works well with free related activities online.

The Meanest Girl in Second Grade

Social Skills: Treating others with respect, Positive Relationships, Bullying

This video tells the story of Zoe, a girl who treats others unkindly and finds that it's hard to have friends without respect and caring.

Be Together Not the Same.

Social Skills: Caring, Empathy, Bullying

Cute video showing unlikely friends who stand up for each other and embrace their differences.

Growth Mindset Social Skills Videos

Developing a Growth Mindset

Social Skills: Growth Mindset

Follow the gentle animated story of two seeds, one with a fixed mindset and one with a growth mindset.

Developing a Growth Mindset - Dr Nagler's Laboratory

Social Skills: Growth Mindset, Perseverance

Goofy video about how making mistakes helps build neurons and grows your brain. Lessons on perseverance and how working through challenges builds abilities- all with a science angle.

Famous Failures

Social Skills: Growth Mindset

Surprising examples of famous people who failed at first, but then persevered to success.

Caring / Empathy- Social Skills Videos

Empathy Can Change the World

Social Skills: Caring, Emapthy, Kindness

Students discuss what empathy is and how it can have a positive impact on the world.

All About Empathy

Social Skills: Caring, Empathy, Perspectives

Animated video about what emapthy is, what it means to understand other people's emotions.

Treating People with Respect Social Skills Videos

The Art of Compromise

Social Skills: Treating others with respect, Positive relationships

Video teaches how compromising means understanding others' needs and how you give a little to get a little.

Taking Turns Speaking

Social Skills: Treating others with respect, Positive relationships

Video demonstrates how to take turns speaking, how to listen respectfully and wait your turn.

Be Respectful Classroom: The Be Kind People

Social Skills: Respecting classroom rules, Being courteous of others

The Be Kind People teach kids that respect is being aware of how your actions impact others.

Trustworthiness Social Skills Videos

A story about being trustworthy and honest- Be Proud

Social skills: Trustworthiness, honesty, forgiveness, self management

This animated version of the book, Be Proud, tells the story of a young boy who sneaks off to play his gameplayer when mom told him not to. To his surprise, a wise old tree helps him see that his conscience is there to remind him to act honestly, even when no one is looking. With a gentle hand, the tree helps the boy grow from his mistakes and learn the true reward of making choices he can be proud of. This video is supported by free SEL teaching resources online.

Build Character- Honesty

Social skills: Trustworthiness

A clear, engaging video about what honesty is and how honesty builds trust.

Honesty for kids

Social skills: Trustworthiness, Politeness

A teacher presents about what honesty is, when to tell the truth and when to just think it (being considerate.)

Trust- Lying to fit in

Social skills: Trustworthiness

From the classic Character Chronicles, the new kid lies to fit in, but faces some unexpected consequences. See how lying can impact trustworthiness -- for upper elementary and middle school.

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