Social Skills Songs

Social Skills songs for elementary Grades K-4

Social Skills Songs

Want to help a child remember a social skill all day? Try a catchy social skills song! This list of social skills songs will keep kids singing throughout the day, reminding them of key social skills like being polite, being trustworthy, treating others with respect, showing kindness and more. We've listened to hours of songs and created this list of some of the best social skills songs for elementary aged children, available free* on YouTube.

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Interrupting is Disrupting

Social Skills: Treating others with courtesy, Expectations for behavior

This repetitive jingle about interrupting being very disrupting is sure to get stuck in your students' heads all day.

My Bear Won't Share

Traits: Treating others politely, Positive relationships

This bear won’t share and his friend shows how sharing is about caring.


Self Control

Social Skills: Self-management, Positive Relationships

A song about self control and calming down to make right choices.

My Wallaby Won't Use His Words

Social Skills: Self-management, Conflict resolution

Learn calming strategies and self control from a wallaby who learns to control his anger.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset Song - NumberRock

Social Skills: Growth Mindset

Uplifting, mellow music video with a song about growth mindset, learning "I can't yet".

Growth Mindset Song - Sesame Street and Bruno Mars

Social Skills: Growth Mindset

Bruno Mars sings with the Sesame Street characters about continuing to try and not quitting.

Growth Mindset Song - I have a go

Social Skills: Growth Mindset

Chipper song about being willing to try new things even when you're nervous.

Let's get to it song - the perseverance song

Social Skills: Growth Mindset

Memorable song about trying, keeping going when things are difficult.


Kindness is a Muscle

Social Skills: Caring, Kindness

Happy song that encourages kindness by teaching kids that kindness is a muscle that you need to exercise everyday.

Kindness by the Juicebox Jukebox

Social Skills: Caring, Kindness

Cheerful song about showing kindness.

Being Kind- Kindness Circling the World

Social Skills: Caring, Kindness

Inspiring, melodic rap about how kindness unfolds one act at a time. Images of kindness from around the world.

The Empathy Song

Social Skills: Caring, Empathy

Colorful song about what empathy is and understanding how others feel.

Treating People with Respect

Respect Rap

Social Skills: Treating others with respect

An encouraging rap about respect performed by a diverse group of children.

All about Respect Song

Social Skills: Treating others with respect

Rap / talking style song about treating others with respect.

I Can Follow the Rules Song

Social Skills: Respecting rules and respecting others

Song about respecting classroom rules and treating classmates with respect.

Respect Song with Actions

Social Skills: Treating others with respect

Song about respecting each other and treating each other well.


My Monkey Won't tell the Truth

Social Skills: Honesty, Positive Relationships

Song that tells a story about a monkey who lies and tricks people and then finds it impacts his friendships.

Honesty Song

Social Skills: Honesty / Trustworthiness, Positive Relationships

This social skills song reminds children of the importance of building trust.

All about Honesty Song by Harry Kindergarten Music

Social Skills: Honesty

Social skills song / rap about telling the truth and being someone people can trust.

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