Empathy Worksheets- Predicting Emotions

Character Ed / SEL worksheets for grades K-4
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Empathy Worksheet for social emotional learning for kids

Empathy Skills Builder


Reading and understanding other's emotions is a building block to having empathy for others. In these empathy worksheets, students look at facial expressions and body language in emotive pictures to identify how the person in the photo may be feeling.

Grade Level

1 - 4

Character / SEL Topics

  • Empathy
  • Social Awareness, Social Skills

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Empathy Worksheets- with the characters from Talking with Trees Books


Empathy is the ability to understand how someone else is feeling, even if you aren't in the same situation or don't feel the same way yourself. You may have empathy when you feel an emotion with someone else, or when you understand how they are feeling / see their perspective. See the What is Empathy? definition for a full explanation and examples in terms kids will understand.

Empathy starts with predicting emotions in others

A key building block to children building empathy skills is to first identify how other's are feeling. Facial expressions and body positions are good cues to help one understand how someone else feels. Notice eyebrow position, how open or closed someone eyes are, frowning or smiling, crossed vs. open arms, elevated posture or hunched... these are all clues children can read to predict emotions in others.

How to use this worksheet

In these worksheets, children look at the photos and use cues to predict how the characters are feeling. Students can write in answers, or use the fillable fields in the PDF to type in answers.

See a full lesson plan with this worksheet. Optionally, use with the Talking with Trees books that these worksheets are based on.