Free videos on good character traits and values from from Talking with Trees for elementary school

Free Videos on Good Character and Core Values for Elementary

Join the beloved Talking Trees for a warm and engaging story, that also teaches a lesson. Used in schools around the world, the Talking with Trees stories help elementary school aged children learn about good character and core values, like honesty, respect, responsibility, and caring. Now, for a limited time, the stories are available in video format and they're free for non-commerical use.

Each Talking with Trees story features a wise old tree who helps a child learn an important life lesson on listening to your conscience and acting with good values, all in a heartfelt format that is sure to keep children's attention. Choose a story about values like being honest, perservering, forgiveness, treating others with respect, being responsible, and more good traits.

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Our videos are great for a moment with your kiddos, or use them together with our good core values teaching resources, including books, worksheets, and lesson plans for an instant character education lesson.
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What if? A good character and values video on respect and responsibility

Responsibility and Respect

Learn to ask what if? and think about about consequences before you act or say something that might be hurtful.

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Be Proud- A good character and values video on honesty, conscience, forgiveness

Honesty and Conscience

Learn to listen to your conscience and make good, honest choices, and see how to grow from mistakes.

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Be Bigger-  A good character and values video on respect in friendship and perseverance

Respect and Perseverance

Learn to treat friends with respect and caring even when feelings are hurt, and why perseverance is worth the effort.

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