Walk in Someone's Shoes Worksheet

Character Ed / SEL worksheet for grades K-4
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Empathy Worksheet - Walk in someone else's shoes-  Character Ed / SEL for kids

Activity to Build Empathy Skills


Having empathy requires an understanding of how others may be feeling. In this worksheet, children view emotive images and use facial and body cues to understand situations from two different perspectives.

Grade Level

K - 4

Character / SEL Topics

  • Social awareness / social skills
  • Positive relationships
  • Traits: Empathy, Respect, Kindness / Caring

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"Walk in someone's shoes" Empathy Worksheet


This activity is based on the book, "What if?" where a wise old tree teaches two children to pause and ask "What if?" before they act or speak. The tree teaches the children to take a moment to think of how their words and actions may impact others.

This worksheet builds on idea that we don't fully understand how someone else feels unless we put ourselves in their shoes, and see the situation from their perspective.

For each photo on the worksheet, students write how the person on the left feels, and how the person on the right feels. Use body language and facial cues to identify emotions. See how each person feels very differently about the same situation.

See a full lesson plan with this worksheet.