Character Education / SEL Activities

Try these fun character education activities to teach children good character traits like honesty, respect, and responsibility. Use a book, worksheet, poster, coloring page-- or put them together for a comprehensive lesson on social emotional skills like kindness and perseverance.


All of the downloadable, printable activities are free for personal, non-commercial use and can be used with our without our (not free) books.


Need help building a complete lesson? Skip to our lesson plans that include objectives, step by step activities, and links to resources.


Stories for character education activities

These books and ebooks will capture kids' attention as they learn a lesson in honesty, caring, perseverance and more good traits. The heartwarming stories feature real social emotional situations that kids can relate to. Stunning illustrations help children feel the emotions that enable them to link how making good choices feels better than making choices they know are wrong. These character trait books are available in print, or as ebooks that you can read along or display on a whiteboard.

Worksheets and PowerPoints

Worksheets for character education activities

These free character education worksheets and PowerPoint presentations make great activities for social skills lessons. Each worksheet covers many aspects about the character trait or social skill. For example, the honesty worksheet covers much more than "not lying" with examples about acting truthfully, lies of omission, and pointing false blame. Try the PowerPoint presentations as well for an interactive character ed activity. These worksheets are free to print for use at home or in the classroom.

Positive Quotes about Character

Positive quotes for kids about respect, honesty support character education activities.

Need the perfect quote to remind kids to act with good traits or social skills? Add these printable and sharable quotes to your social skills activity. With bright graphics and clear messages about good character, your message about good character will stay top of mind, even after the activity is over. Written for a young audience, these quotes take complex ideas and break them down into snippets kids can understand.

Character Education Lesson Plans

Character building lesson plans for character education or social skills building activities

The fastest route to a character education or social emotional learning activity is through these free printable character building lesson plans. These activities are ready to print-and-go with links to materials, step-by-step instructions, and they are tied to core curriculum objectives. Find lessons that bring together multiple concepts including honesty, respect, responsibility, caring, perseverance, conscience and more.

Coloring Pages

Free colouring pages for character education activities

Print a coloring page that features vibrant graphics and fun quotes about acting with good traits. These coloring pages complement our other character education activities, or they are a great first step for younger students who are just starting to learn about social skills.


Printable posters with motivational quotes on good character and social skills

Motivate children to stay on the path to good character with these bright, printable posters. They are a great character education bulletin board idea, and they work equally well hanging on the fridge at home. If you use our other books and worksheets for an activity, you'll find similar themes and images to reinforce the social emotional lesson on these posters.

Definitions of Character Traits

Definitions of character traits and social skills with examples.

Any social emotional activity will include an explanation of what the desired trait is. If you need ideas on how to explain complex ideas about character and social skills to kids, try these definitions of character traits that kids will understand. These pages explain what honesty is, what respect is, and more. And they feature kid-oriented examples elementary aged children can relate to.

Songs, Videos, Lessons, Toys / Games

Best character education activities and social skills lessons gathered from across the web

Still don't see what you are looking for? Try our "best of" character education resources list. We searched tons of other sites that offer some of the best games and toys that make instant character ed and social emotional learning activities, videos that demonstrate good character traits, songs about good traits, lessons and activities that reinforce social skills and character traits that will help you integrate social emotional learning into your classroom.

Childrens picture book with a story about responsibility



Story for a character ed / social skills activity on being kind to friends when feelings are hurt


Create fun stories with kids with free creative writing resources


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