A great story that also teaches a lesson in honesty

Be Proud- Talking with Trees Book 1

Be Proud Childrens Book on Honesty- Boy gazing at a talking oak tree

When a boy sneaks off for a secret game on his gameplayer, he's in for a big surprise

“Why are you hiding behind me?” asked a cozy voice.

“Because I want to play my game player. Mom said, ‘No.’ But I really, really want to…

“Wait a second. Who am I talking to?” asked the little boy who’d just settled himself into the comfy hollow of an old oak tree.

This friendly oak has been here a long time and she's helped lots of children learn about making good choices--for the right reasons. Like a kind but matter-of-fact grandma, she's ready to share some ages-old wisdom to help this little guy learn how good it feels to be honest and to listen to his conscience.

Be Proud Childrens Book with a Lesson- Boy talking to tree and looking worried

"A conscience is that voice in your head, and feeling in your heart, that tells you if something is right or wrong, even when no one is watching," the tree explained.

"Oh no! I have a conscience!"

A delightful story that sneaks in some lessons on good values

With captivating illustrations, children will follow the boy on a journey where he learns how

  • Your conscience helps you know whether what you're doing is right
  • Making good, honest choices fills your heart with pride
  • Even when we make mistakes, it's always a good idea to learn from them and to decide to make better choices next time

With a few chuckles and intriguing surprises, we discover how good it feels to make honest choices you can be proud of.

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Be Proud Children's Book on Honesty and Conscience

Be Proud

Second Edition: ISBN Print: 978-0984905683 | ISBN e-book: 979-8986777634