A great story that also teaches a lesson in respect and perseverance

Be Bigger- Talking with Trees Book 2

Be Bigger Childrens Book on Respect- Angry girl leaning on tree

When a girl's feelings are hurt, she's ready to get even... until a sassy elm tree steps in.

“I don’t need to talk. I’ve figured it out. I’m just going to invite Emma’s sister over after school. But I am NOT going to invite Emma,” the girl said, with her arms crossed and her chin in the air.

A kind but feisty elm tree has been on the playground a long time, and she's seen it all! So when a young girl with hurt feelings plans to give her friend of taste of her own heartache, this wise old elm steps in to show her another way to repair the friendship while also treating friend with respect. Along the way, she'll learn how to persevere and do the right thing, even when it's hard.

Be Bigger Childrens Book on Respect- Illustration of girl looking at friends

"I understand. Your heart and your stomach are tied up in knots. If you leave Emma out so her heart hurts too, will that help you feel better?" asked the tree.

"Not when you say it like that. That just sounds mean. But what else can I do?" pleaded the girl."

A touching story that sneaks in some lessons on respect and perseverance

With emotional illustrations about this situation that so many children face in their lives, children can feel along with the girl while she learns how:

  • Being mean in response to someone else's unkindness doesn't usually help, especially with people we care about.
  • Even when feelings are hurt, we can still treat people with care and respect.
  • Doing the right thing, even when it's hard, feels much better in the long run.

With humor, kindness, and a few surprises, children discover how good it feels in their hearts to do the right thing, for the right reasons. They learn that persevering and treating others with respect is good for their friends, and it's also good for their own hearts.

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Be Bigger Children's Book on Respect and Perseverance

Be Bigger

Second Edition: ISBN Print: 978-0984905690 || ISBN e-book: 979-8986777641