A great story that also teaches a lesson in responsibility

What if?- Talking with Trees Book 3

What if Childrens Book on Responsibility- Boy climbing a mulberry tree

When siblings keep finding themselves in trouble, a wise mulberry tree leans in to help.

“Since you’re standing on my head, I think I should point out that jumping from that height might not be a great idea,” said the tree.

Do you know a child who acts first without thinking about how they might hurt themselves or someone else? So does this cheerful mulberry tree! She's see enough twisted ankles from hasty actions and hurt feelings from hasty words...and she's ready to offer up some ages-old advice that helps kids see how to be more responsible and more respectful.

With a memorable trick, Mulberry helps these siblings stay out of trouble, showing them how to think about their impact before they say or do something they might regret.

What if Childrens Book illustration- boy examines what if seed

“Before you say or do something, feel that seed and remember to ask yourself,

‘What if I do this, what could happen?’

“It’ll save you from all sorts of trouble,” the tree explained.

A heartfelt story that sneaks in some lessons on responsibility and respect

With beautiful illustrations, join your child on an emotional journey where these siblings learn:

  • Words and actions may impact other people...think first so you can act with responsiblity and respect.
  • No one is perfect, but we can all learn from mistakes.
  • "What if?"" doesn't stop the fun, it helps you to keep having fun without the trouble.

In the end, these kids (and yours too) will learn
If you'll hurt yourself, hurt someone else, or make your momma mad, you might need to change your action. This classic lesson helps kids think so they can act with more care, respect, and responsibility.

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Illustration from the book What if: children talk with a tree.
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What if Children's Book on Responsibility and Respect

What if

A story about asking What if? so kids can choose responsible, respectful actions. Full product details.

Second Edition ISBN Print: 979-8986777603 | ISBN e-book: 979-8986777658