Be Proud - Talking with Trees Book 1

Picture book that teaches about good traits, like honesty and forgiveness

A warm and engaging story that teaches kids about being honest in words and actions, how to listen to your conscience, and how to grow from mistakes.

Settling down behind an old oak tree for a secret game on his game player, a boy is startled when the tree strikes up a conversation. The wise tree helps him learn that even if he doesn't speak a lie, sneaking and hiding something you know is wrong is still dishonest. By reflecting on a time when the tree saw the boy's father in a similar situation, the boy discovers "Oh no! I have a conscience."

"A conscience is that voice in your head, and feeling in your heart, that tells you if something is right or wrong, even when no one is watching."

Good picture book for teaching good traits like honesty

Picture book for character education

With some gentle but honest guidance, the tree helps the boy realize that the best reason to be truthful is because you can feel good in your heart when you are proud of your choices. In the end, the boy grows from his mistake and his self confidence soars as he chooses a path he can be proud of.

Activities to go with the book

Free Printable Lesson Plan- Lesson plan that features the story with links to worksheets and other teaching resources.

Includes discussion guide.

Free online printable worksheets and activities for teaching good character traits.

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More about the book "Be Proud"

  • Written for grades K-4.
  • Teaches about listening to your conscience, telling the truth and being truthful in your actions and showing respect for parents.
  • Reinforces a growth mindset as it teaches children to forgive themselves, face a tough choice, and make a good choice even when it's hard.
  • Helps kids build self esteem and self confidence by feeling good about the choices they make on their own. Turns making mistakes into a character building experience.
  • Emotionally engaging, over-size pictures help children feel the difference between making a bad choice and making an honest choice they can be proud of. Helps children strengthen their ability to choose between right and wrong, even when no one is watching.

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ISBN-13: 978-1467921909
ISBN-10: 1467921904

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