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Being honest in your heart feels better than ice cream... - Quote for kids character and SEL

"Being honest in your heart feels better than ice cream."

-Talking with Trees Books

This quote helps remind children of the true reward of being honest- the feeling in your heart of knowing you made a good choice. It's a quote not just on honesty, but on listening to your conscience, reminding children that even if no one else knows they've been honest, they'll know in their heart that they followed their conscience and their core values, and that internal pride feels better than any external praise.

This quote is related to the lessons in the children's book, "Be Proud", a story in which a wise old tree helps a boy realize that the pride that comes with making an honest choice is a wonderful feeling.

Character / SEL Topics

  • Self-management, self-awareness
  • Decision Making
  • Traits: Honesty, Trustworthiness, Conscience

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