What if? - Book 3

Good picture book that teaches kids about good traits like responsibility, respect, self control

A story that teaches kids to think before they act, building empathy, responsibility and respect.

When he climbed a massive mulberry tree, this young boy didn’t know he was in for a big surprise.

This wise, old tree has seen too many kids say and do hurtful things without thinking. So she speaks up and helps the boy and his sister learn to think before they act.

Through captivating illustrations and real life situations, What if? shows children how their words can hurt others and how their actions can be dangerous or just plain inconsiderate. In the end, kids walk away with a new seed planted...how to ask “What if I do this, what could happen?”. They build empathy and awareness of how to act with more respect and responsibility.

Book that teaches kids empathy and caring

Book that teaches kids about taking responsibility for their actions

Poster teaching responsibility, respect, empathy
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Activities featured in the book

“What if” seed craft – Make your own “What if” seed to remember to act with responsibility

“What if” poster- print out the poster from the book to encourage respect, empathy, and self control

Free Printable Lesson Plan- This lesson plan includes everything you need to create a complete character education lesson on responsibility.

More about the book, "What if?"

  • Written for grades K-4.
  • Teaches children about taking responsibility for their actions, and provides and easy technique to help them remember to use self control.
  • Emphasizes that choices have consequences.
  • Emotionally expressive pictures help children build empathy, reading expressions and body language to know how their actions are making other people feel.

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Print ISBN-13: 978-1500830441
Print ISBN-10: 1500830445
ebook ISBN-13: 978-0984905645

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