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Our picture books come to life on your tablet or computer with these ebook formats. Brilliant illustrations jump off the page and capture kids' attention as they learn some of life's big lessons about character and social emotional skills... all from from wise, old trees. That's right, these trees have seen it all and they help kids learn about honesty, respect, caring, and more good character traits with a kind but honest touch.

Learn more about each of the stories here. Or, download one of our ebooks now and start sharing a moment with a child. Written for kids grade K-4, each heartwarming story helps kids work through the lessons in honesty, respect, responsibility, caring, perseverence or more good traits. E books are available for iPad, Kindle, and Nook.

eBooks available for tablets, PCs, Mac devices

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Complete Character Lesson Plans Available

Teachers, combine these ebooks with our free lesson plans and worksheets to make a complete character education or social emotional learning lesson.

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Be Proud - Book 1

Character education ebook for kids- Be Proud

A story about honesty, listening to your conscience, and growing from your mistakes. Full description.

Be Bigger - Book 2

Character education ebook for kids- Be bigger

A girl learns to treat friends with respect, even when feelings are hurt, and to persevere through friendship troubles.Full description.

What if? - Book 3

What if? Talking with Trees character education ebook

Teach children how to think before they act or speak. Lesson on responsiblity, self control, respect. Full description.

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