3 Conscience Activities for Kids

3 Conscience Activities for Kids SEL and Character Ed

Looking for a way to explain conscience to children? Try one of these three conscience activities that offer an interactive way to see how a conscience works like a super computer. Huh? Read on... it's a simple way to break down a big concept about conscience into smaller ideas kids can grasp.

How a conscience works

A conscience is kind of like a super computer with inputs and outputs. You input what you want to do...the conscience compares it to your core values... then your conscience sends your heart and mind signals that let you know if something is right or wrong. For example:

  • Input: "I want to play more on my computer but my timer is up. I could sneak and add 20 minutes to the timer."
  • Processing: Your conscience compares the input to core values. Is that action honest, respectful, responsible, caring, fair? No- it's not honest, responsible, or respectful.
  • Output: Tightness in your heart and worries in your mind means it's a wrong choice.

3 Conscience Activities

The three conscience activities below use increasingly interactive methods to help children understand conscience. Choose from 1) a worksheet, 2) an activity in which children cut and paste to match inputs and outputs, or 3) go all out and build a full-size Conscience 3000-S (using a box and some printable PDFs- no computer programming needed.)

Conscience Lesson Plan- Need help putting it all together? Try the Conscience Lesson Plan with step-by-step instructions that can be used for a full social emotional learning or character education lesson on conscience.

Conscience Activity 1: Worksheet

Conscience Worksheet for kids SEL / Character Ed

In the conscience worksheet students, check off whether an action is the right or wrong thing to do. Print the PDF or fillable fields can be completed online for remote learning.

For a complete SEL or Character Ed lesson, see the conscience lesson plan with vocabulary and teaching notes.

Conscience Worksheet

Conscience Activity 2: Interactive Worksheet

Expanding on the concepts in our worksheet, students cut and paste to create a paper-based Conscience 3000-S and then compare inputs and paste outputs.

Conscience Activity

Conscience Activity 3- Build a Conscience 3000-S

Build a Conscience 3000-S interactive activity for kids SEL/ Character Lessons

Follow easy instructions to build a full-size Conscience 3000-S. Print a PDF with all the labels as well as inputs and outs. All you need to provide is a box, some decorations, and a sense of adventure.

Students can act out inputting actions into the Conscience 3000-S, processing (beeping noises make this even better), and deciding on whether the action is right or wrong.

Conscience Building Activity