Be Bigger - Talking with Trees Book 2

Picture book that teaches kids about respect in friendship and perseverance

A story about treating friends with respect and care even when feelings are hurt... and how to persevere and do the right thing.

When a girl feels left out by her friend and her feelings get hurt, all she can think to do is hurt her friend right back. But before she can turn one mean act into two, a wise old tree steps in to help the girl find a more caring, respectful way to work out her friendship troubles. Through some honest moments and a couple chuckles, the girl learns that perseverance in difficult situations-- and being the bigger person in the face of challenges-- makes you happier in the long run.

"I understand. Your heart and your stomach are tied up in knots. If you leave Emma out so her heart hurts too, will that help you feel better?" asked the tree.

"Not when you say it like that. That just sounds mean. But what else can I do?" pleaded the girl.

Picture book that teaches about respect, friendship, perseverance

Picture book about treating friends with respect and caring

Good character education book for kids that teaches good traits like respect and perseverance

Stunning illustrations help children work through the emotional side of friendship troubles and help them see and feel why we should treat others with respect. The tree uses ages-old wisdom and loving encouragement to teach us how to be the bigger person, and how to persevere and talk through problems in our friendships, even when it's hard.

Activities to go with the book

Free Printable Lesson Plan- Lesson plan that features the story and includes links to worksheets and other teaching resources.

Includes discussion guide.

Find more free online printable worksheets and activities for teaching good character traits.

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    More about the book "Be Bigger"

  • Written for grades K-4.
  • Helps children work through hurt feelings. Often times kids are mean to each other because they don't know another way to resolve conflict in their friendships. Teaches kids how to work through friendship troubles with respect, preventing more hurt feelings, causing someone to feel left out, or children being mean to each other.
  • Builds kids' self-confidence to talk to their friends respectfully and with perseverance--to talk about how they are feeling without being accusatory--even when it's embarrassing or hard.
  • Encourages a growth mindset, with helpful images that show kids how to persevere and grow from challenges.
  • Emotionally engaging, over-size pictures help children identify their own feelings in similar friendship situations, or to understand how other's feelings get hurt.
  • Helps prevent relational aggression bullying, which is when children exclude a friend intentionally.

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ISBN-13: 978-1477403754
ISBN-10: 1477403752

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