What if? A Free Video Book

Social Emotional Resource for Remote Learning

Free social emotional learning book on video- What if Talking with Trees

We know you love your kids and all, but if this quarantine has you wondering when little Oscar is going to be able to look after himself for five ever-loving minutes so you can have a moment’s peace... we totally get it.

That’s why, for a limited time, we are making our children’s book , What if, free in video form. Now this is some screen time you can feel good about!

Story about thinking before you act

What if tells the story of two siblings who keep finding themselves in trouble, until they learn to ask themselves “What if?” ... BEFORE they do something that will totally make you want to scream. With real scenarios every child (and parent) can relate to, What If helps children learn that “If you’ll hurt yourself, hurt someone else, or make your momma mad…. You should probably change your action.”

Take the lesson further with free resources

What if is part of our social emotional learning collection of books and free teaching resources. The video, along with some of the teaching resources makes for an instant SEL at-home lesson.
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What if Book on Video