Right now is a great time to make a good choice.

SEL Technique helping kids learn to make good choices.

Quote about making good choices- 'Right now is a great time to make a good choice'

Ever notice how bad choices tend to snowball? I mean the way one bad choice can pick a kid up like a giant snowball that starts them rolling downhill-- picking up mistake, upon bad attitude, upon hopeless tantrum, into a giant mess of tears and snot?

I find that my kids get trapped in a problem and don’t know how to get themselves out of it. Instead of changing their course from making a bad choice to making a good choice, they get stuck and seem to turn to more bad choices (as if that’s going to help.)

Well, next time you see your kid trapped in a snowball barreling downhill, here’s my secret weapon. Calmly state, “Right now is a great time to make a good choice." Discover this social emotional learning technique that helps children make good choices.

Encourage a course correction

Book Be Proud- a story about making good choices you can be proud of

Here’s the beauty of this phrase, “Right Now” is always the best time to start making good choices. Even if a few bad choices have already happened, we don't have to be tied to the path we've been on. It's always a good idea to put an end to a bad choice by course correcting. Don't wait till later after more damage is done. Right now- is always a great time- to make a good choice.

Calmly making this statement stops kids in their tracks and gives them a moment to gather themselves and start thinking less emotionally or with less panic. Sometimes you have to repeat the phrase at patient intervals until the child really hears you. But once they really hear it, this phrase helps them see a path to a new choice and a new course.

Download a free printable poster to help you and your children pause the downhill momentum and think about other ways of handling the situation.

Colleen Doyle Bryant

Author of social emotional learning books and teaching materials including Talking with Trees series for children and Truth Be Told Quotes for teens.