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List of the best character education videos on the web

Videos are a great way to teach kids about good character. Whether you are looking for a short video for a character education lesson, an inspirational video to prompt good character, or video examples of teachers who have implemented character education and social emotional learning strategies… look no further. We’ve sorted through hours of character education videos and countless websites to gather some of the best free character education videos on the web. These videos are geared toward elementary aged students and will help you quickly launch a character education lesson.

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List of character education videos

Character education video about kindness from Kid President

Kid President's 20 Things we should say more often

Traits: kindness, perseverance, respect, caring
Grade level: elementary, middle school, high school
Kid President is so fun to watch. He inspires kids to act with good character, such as treating each other with kindness, respect, and caring.

Inspiring character education video teaches kids about grit

Grit- Teen runs 7 marathons on 7 continents

Traits: perseverance, grit
Grade level: elementary, middle school, high school
Inspiring character education video about a teen who decided to run seven marathons on seven continents to raise money for cancer research. Discusses themes of grit, perseverence.

Character education video with multi-cultural students discussing empathy

Multi-cultural students talk Empathy

Traits: empathy, caring, respect
Grade level: 3, 4, 5 +
Interviews with multi-cultural students from Bronx public schools show kids what empathy is with examples. This character education video is from the Start Empathy project, a good resource for teachers looking to increase empathy at school

Character education videos from Sesame Street

Sesame Street on Good Character Traits

Traits: empathy, respect, growth mindset
Grade level: Pre-k, Kindergarten
Made for younger students, these character education videos feature the Sesame Street characters and famous personalities singing and talking about good traits. Videos: Empathy, Growth mindset, Respect

Character education video about kindness and empathy

Color your World with Kindness

Traits: kindness, empathy
Grade level: k , 1,2, 3, 4, 5
This video shows how you can brighten someone’s day through kindness. It also helps with character education by showing elements of empathy, self-awareness, and honesty.

Movie for a character education lesson about perseverance

1000 to 1 the Cory Weissman Story

Traits: perseverance, grit, resilience, empathy, respect
Grade level: upper elementary, middle school, high school
This feature length movie about a high school basketball star who suffers a devastating stroke offers countless opportunities to teach perseverance, grit, respect, and more traits for a character education lesson. Get lesson plan ideas here. Available on Amazon and NetFlix.

Character education video showing famous people who have persevered and demonstrated grit

Famous examples of Grit

Traits: perseverance, grit, resilience
Grade level: upper elementary
This video features famous people who initially failed, but kept trying until they succeeded. Inspiring video for growth mindset lessons and character building activities.

Character education videos from Class Dojo on perseverance, empathy and more

Class Dojo

Traits: empathy, perseverance
Grade level: k ,1,2,3,4,5
These cute animated character education videos teach kids about a growth mindset, perseverance, and empathy. Find all the videos and the discussion guides help turn this into a complete character building activity / lesson at Class Dojo Big Ideas.

Character education videos from Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness

Traits: kindness, caring
Grade level: Elementary and all ages
Inspiring ideas about real people doing acts of kindness. This collection of videos from Random Acts of Kindness show kids who have created their own kindness programs, are a great way to inspire students to create their own character building activity.

Character education video showing Grit and Growth Mindset examples from 5th grade class

Grit and Perseverance Strategies that Work

Traits: grit, perseverance, resilience
Grade level: Adults
This video from Edutopia features a 5th grade teacher who has built a strong character education curriculum for teaching grit and growth mindset. Also see the grit lesson plans and activities that she has proven useful.

Character education video with inspiring acts of perseverance

Perseverance and Growth Mindset- Inspiration from the Olympics

Traits: perseverance, grit, resilience
Grade level: 3, 4, 5 , middle school
These moving videos show Olympic athletes as children, and all the set backs and failures they overcame to be successful. Helpful for teaching a growth mindset, these videos show kids about setting long term goals, failing and trying again, and the sweet reward of eventually meeting your goal. Videos: Focus on physical commitment ,Focus on overcoming life obstacles.

Character education video about resilience in music education

Perseverance and Growth Mindset- Music and the Arts

Traits: perseverance, resilience, grit
Grade level: 3, 4, 5 +
Featuring students from the New Mexico School for the Arts, this video from Edutopia shows how grit and a growth mindset are an essential part of becoming a good performer. Great examples of respectfully accepting criticism and growing through trial and error-- how failure feeds good character growth.

Inspiring video of athletes acting with good character in the midst of competition

Best moments of respect in sports

Traits: empathy, caring, respect, sportsmanship
Grade level: Adults
This moving video shows moments in sports when athletes acted with good character, respect, and kindness. Expect to tear-up at these beautiful examples of athletes demonstrating how to be both competitive and a person of good character.

Character education video about respect written by a school counselor

School Counselor Rob

Traits: respect, kindness
Grade level: 2, 3, 4, 5 +
School Counselor Rob is an actual elementary school counselor in a school comprised of “95% Hispanic students 90% of which are economically disadvantaged. He has his own style that resonates with students. In his character education video on respect, he teaches kids about respect for places, things and people. He also teaches about ways to be kind.

Character education video treating others with respect

Use Polite Words

Traits: respect, kindness
Grade level: kindergarten, 1, 2
This cute character education video shows how one boy treats the lunch server with respect and politeness, and gets treated kindly in return. The other boy learns about using polite words.

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