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Stories that get to the heart of good character traits.

Hello and welcome! My name is Oak. My friends, Mulberry and Elm, and I have been watching kids grow up for generations. Year after year, we’ve offered shade and comfort… and we share a dose of truth when it’s needed.

Standing on these playgrounds and yards, we’ve seen it all, and we have lots of stories to share that help children through the tough business of growing up to be good people. Mistakes and lessons are all part of growing up and we’re happy to help guide children on a path to making good choices for the right reasons.

Come in and explore our stories to find the one your child needs to hear today. Each story weaves important life lessons on being honest, treating others the way you’d like to be treated, taking responsibility for your actions, and countless other essential social emotional skills.

Whichever story you choose, we’re sure you’ll know by the end of it, how good it feels in your heart to make good choices.

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"What a great story it is!" - Midwest Book Review

"... a delightful read and would make a wonderful addition to any child's library." - Imagination Cafe Blog

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Let the Talking Trees help you create a memorable lesson about important character traits for your classroom. Written for grades K-4, our books and free teaching resources make it easy to customize your next lesson on honesty, respect, responsibility, perseverance, self-control... and more social skills.

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