Respect quote for kids- Remembering consequences

Respect quote for kids: What if I do this? What could happen?

"Remember to ask yourself, "What if I do this, What could happen?" Respect yourself, Respect others."

- Talking with Trees books

Sometimes kids don't think things through. This respect quote for kids reminds them to pause and ask "What if" so they can consider consequences before they act. A disrespectful or hurtful comment, an accidental injury, a frustrated adult- they often start when a child doesn't pause and think about consequences. Have this respect quote at the ready to train kids to always ask, "what if", prompting them to act with more respect toward others, and toward themselves.

Teach kids to treat other with respect with this good story book

This quote about respect for kids is taken from our book, What if?, a story that teaches kids to act with respect, responsibility, and self control.

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