Quote about good choices for kids

Quote about making good choices and perseverance for kids- There's the easy way or the right way.

"There's the easy way and the right way. Which will you choose?"

-- Talking with Trees Books

Sometimes it's hard to do the right thing. But this quote about good choices and perseverance reminds kids that making the good choice feels better than the pain that comes with living with the easy choice.

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Need help teaching kids about grit and perseverence? Try the book that this quote about good choices was drawn from.

Book that teaches kids to make choices they can be proud of

Be Bigger is a good book for teaching kids how to make good choices they can be proud of, even when it's hard. In this story, a young girl learns that getting even with a friend who has hurt her feelings doesn't get her what she wants. Instead, making a choice that might be harder ultimately gets her a warm feeling in her heart.

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