Honesty quote for kids

Quote about honesty for kids: Being honest in your heart feels better than ice cream.

"Being honest in your heart feels better than ice cream."

-Talking with Trees Books

Teach children the true reward of being honest- the feeling in your heart of knowing you made a good choice. Taken from our book, Be Proud, this honesty quote for kids reminds children that even if no one else knows they've been honest, they'll know in their heart that they followed their conscience and their core values, and that feels better than any external praise. Find worksheets and more that teach kids about telling the truth, being truthful in their actions, and more subtle elements of honesty at our What is Honesty page or Honesty worksheets.

Kids Book about honest and growing from mistakes

This honesty quote is taken from our book, Be Proud, a story about listening to your conscience to be trutful in word and actions.

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