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List of the best social skills activities, lesson plans

Research shows the social skills are a critical for children's future success. More and more, social emotional learning has been shown to increase academic performance, decrease depression, and increase pro-social behaviors. If you are looking to integrate social skills activities and lessons into your curriculum, we've gathered a list of some of the best free (and mostly free) social skills resources from leading social emotional learning providers. These searchable lists include tons of social skills activities, social skills lesson plans and other printabe social skills resources that are free for personal use.

Have a favorite lesson plan or other resource for teaching social skills? We’d love to know about it. Drop us a note about good social skills and character development resources and we'll check it out for the list.

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Social Skills Activities and Lesson Plans

Free social skills lesson plans

Free Social Skills Lesson Plans from Talking with Trees

Social Skills: honesty, respect, responsibility, caring, forgiveness, empathy
Grade level: Elementary

Try these social skills activities about being a true friend, showing empathy, speaking and acting with honesty, taking responsibility, treating others with respect and more. The activity plans include links to stories, worksheets, and activities that reinforce social skills. Jump righ to our social skills worksheets.

Playworks Social Skills Activities

Social Skills: kindness, respect, empathy, cooperation, conflict resolution
Grade level: Pre-k, Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Find ways to teach social skills through play with this database of social skills activities. Find activities that teach key skills like patience, respect, cooperation, turn taking and more. These social skills activities can be searched by age group, length of time they take and more themes.

Free social skills activities and  lesson plans from Sesame Street

Sesame Street Social Skills Activities

Social Skills: caring, patience, emotions
Grade level: younger elementary

Sesame Street characters help kids learn valuable social skills activities about caring, sharing, exploring emotions, resilience and more. Click the "topics" link at the top of their page to explore social skills activities like these on caring and sharing.





Social skills activities and Lesson plans from Learning to Give

Learning to Give Social Emotional / Social Skills Activities

Social Skills: respect, responsibility, sharing, cooperation
Grade level: elementary and middle school, high school

These social skills activity plans integrate social skills learning into other topics such as social studies, language arts and mathematics. Find social skills activities around community, cooperation, kindness, responsibility and more.

Social skills activities from Peace First

Peace First Social Skills Activities Database

Social Skills: cooperation, patience, paying attention, self-control, listening, empathy
Grade level: elementary, middle, high school

Searchable database of social skills activities that use a range of physical, thinking, and problem solving activites to teach skills around cooperation patience, listening and more. For example, this Body Language Breakdown social skills activity for upper elementary students teaches about listening politely, or this social skills activity for younger students explores feelings.

Anti-Bullying activities and plans from Facing History

Social Skills: kindness, respect, empathy, anti-bullying, anti-ostracizing, tolerance
Grade level:Elementary and older grades

Extensive resource of activities and plans for addressing bullying and ostracizing behaviors in kids.

Free social skills activities from teachers

Social Skills Activities from Share My Lesson

Social Skills: kindness, self esteem, sharing, feelings
Grade level:Elementary and older grades

At Share my Lesson, teachers share their social skills activities and materials. Sort by grade, topic for social skills lessons on sharing, feelings, kindness and more.





Free activities on social skills from Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Activity Plans

Social Skills: Kindness, caring
Grade level: Elementary (Middle school and high school also available)

Extensive list of social skills activites around kindness, caring, empathy, and emotions / feelings. From the Random Acts of Kindness organization.

"Teachable Moment" Social Skills Activities

Social Skills: respect, managing emotions, cooperation, conflict resolution
Grade level: elementary (middle school and high school also available)

Morningside Center site helps teachers integrate current events with social emotional learning and social responsibility. Activities touch on a variety of social skills issues, including this one on conflict resolution and practicing empathy.

Free printable social skills lessons / activities that accompany Scholastic Books

Scholastic Books Free Social Skills Ativites

Social Skills: sharing, caring, honesty, bullying
Grade level: Pre-k, Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Scholastic offers free social skills activity plans for their books. Search for a social skills book, such as Ant Bully, to find it's accompanying lesson, or search "social skills lessons" to get ideas for books that teach a lesson. For example, try this social skills activity on Sharing with the book "It's Mine".

Free social skills activities from Teaching Tolerance

Teaching activities

Social Skills: respect, social justice, fairness, self control
Grade level: all grades

Teaching offers a variety of activities that teach kids to appreciate diversity, respect others, and to develop empathy and a sense of fairness. They have activities about immigration, putting historical events into context, bullying, and more that can be adapted to your social skills goals.

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