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Best free character education teaching resources, lessons, songs, videos, books

Teachers and parents are more aware than ever that good character traits are essential to kids’ success in school and in the future. Whether your efforts are about Character Education, Social Emotional Learning, Growth Mindset, or EQ, children need to learn how to behave with respect, honesty, responsibility, caring, perseverance, and self-control to do well in life.

Finding quality resources to teach kids good character traits (without breaking the bank) can be difficult. So we scoured the internet and created this list of the best teaching resources for character education lessons. Sure there are lots of character education curriculums out there. But that’s a school-level decision and expense. We know teachers, parents, and counselors look for good quality character education worksheets, lessons plans, books, and videos that they can print and use quickly and inexpensively. So enjoy this list of the best teaching resources for your next character education lesson. The list focuses on Pre-K and elementary school level resources, though some can be used for older students as well.

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