Best Character Education Activities

Best character education activities, lesson plans

Character education activities is becoming ever more important in our classrooms and homes. After all, having strong, positive character traits has been shown to increase academic performance, decrease depression, and increase pro-social behaviors. But finding good, free character education activities and lesson plans about good traits can be a challenge. Fear not. We’ve done the work for you and searched the internet for some of the best free character education activities and lesson plans from leading organizations in character development. These free, printable lessons will help you easily integrate character education activities, social emotional learning, growth mindset lessons, and positive character behaviors into your curriculum. Whether you want a quick interactive activity or a full character education lesson, you’ll find lots of great ideas in our list.

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Character Education Lesson Plans and Activties

Free character education lesson plans

Free Character Education Lesson Plans from Talking with Trees

Traits: honesty, respect, responsibility, caring, forgiveness
Grade level: Elementary

These character education lesson plans make it easy to teach complicated ideas about good traits in terms kids can understand. Free lesson plans feature stories, worksheets, and activities that reinforce social skills.

Free character education activities from teachers

Character Education Activities from Share My Lesson

Social Skills: kindness, self esteem, sharing, feelings
Grade level:Elementary and older grades

Search an extensive list of proven character education activities with links to the materials, created by teachers. On Share My Lesson, you can access thousands of free activities and lessons that real teachers have posted for free.

Playworks Character Building Activities

Traits: kindness, respect, empathy
Grade level: Pre-k, Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

These are some activities to help kids connect with others and learn how to treat others with respect and caring, and to cooperate and resolve conflict. Search a database of character building activities or try these articles on Games to develop character and leadership , or Twelve games for social / emotional larning.

Free character education lesson plans and activities from Teaching Tolerance

Teaching activities and lessons

Traits: respect, social justice, fairness, self control
Grade level: all grades

Teaching offers a variety of activities and lesson plans that teach kids to appreciate diversity, respect others, and to develop empathy and a sense of fairness. They have lessons about immigration, putting historical events into context, bullying, and more that can be adapted to your character education goals.





Character education activities that teach young children good character traits

100+ Activities that Teach Kids About Character

Traits: gratitude, telling the truth, self control and many more
Grade level: Pre-k, Kindergarten

Chelsea Lee Smith, author of 100+ Hands on Activities to Learn Positive Character traits, offers for free quite a few of her character building activities for pre-k and toddlers. Ideas like “5 Activities to Help Children Develop Emotional Control” help you start teaching character to young children through play. free lesson plans in good traits Lesson Plans by Teachers

Traits: Respect, honesty and many more
Grade level: all elementary, middle school

Teacher-submitted character education lesson plans that have worked well in their own classrooms. Includes character education activities, character trait lessons.

Lesson plans on building character from Learning to Give

Learning to Give Character Building Lesson Plans

Traits: respect, responsibility, generosity
Grade level: elementary and middle school, high school

Lesson plans that integrate good character traits into teaching other topics including history, language arts and science.

Character education activities and lesson plans from Peace First

Peace First Character Education Activities Database

Traits: compassion, self-control, empathy
Grade level: elementary, middle, high school

This searchable database offers many character education activities that teach kids how to act with compassion, self-control, and empathy.





A Year of Character Education

Traits: respect, responsibility, honesty, caring, fairness, citizenship, courage, perseverance, hope
Grade level: elementary

Charlotte Mecklenburg school district offers a year’s worth of character education lessons, celebrating a different character trait each month. Additional social skills activities too.

Free lesson plans on caring from Random Acts of Kindness

Random Acts of Kindness Lesson Plans

Traits: Kindness, caring
Grade level: Elementary (Middle school and high school also available)

Printable lesson plans by grade level are easy to implement. Random Acts of Kindness Week is in February-- these lesson plans are a great way to celebrate with a kindness activity.

Teachable Moment Classroom Lessons

Traits: respect, variety of social emotional learning lessons
Grade level: elementary (middle school and high school also available)

Morningside Center site helps teachers integrate current events with character based learning and social responsibility. Lesson plans and activities touch on a variety of character traits and social issues, including this one on respect and Win-Win conflict resolution.





Free lesson plans for teaching kids a growth mindset

Mindset Kit- Lesson plans for Growth Mindset

Traits: perseverance, grit, resilience
Grade level: elementary (middle school and high school also available) offers lesson plans for teachers and activity ideas for parents that help children build a growth mindset. Lessons focus on what a growth mindset is and ideas on how to teach kids that it’s ok to fail and that perseverance pays off. For younger audiences, try the Kindergarten Growth Mindset PowerPoint.

Printable character education lesson plans

School Date Books Character Trait Lessons

Traits: self respect, perseverance, gratitude, integrity, and many more good traits
Grade level: elementary

These free printable lesson plans teach kids about a variety of character education topics. They are simple and ready to go, and they integrate with the School Date Books calendars if you are already using them.

Free printable character education lessons from Scholastic Books

Scholastic Books Free Lesson Plans

Traits: truthfulness, caring, respect
Grade level: Pre-k, Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5

Scholastic offers free character education lesson plans using picture and chapter books. Try their character ed lesson plans for A Bad Case of the Stripes, Ant Bully, Top Cat, and more.

Games that teach kids about good character traits

DARE Lucky Kat World Character Education Games

Traits: perseverance, justice, conscientiousness, generosity, citizenship, compassion
Grade level: elementary

The website features online games that teach good character traits. Some of the character education games are free and some require a subscription.

Frde character education worksheets and activities





Childrens book with character education activites on honesty, self control, conscience



Creative writing and storytelling site for kids





Positive quotes to reinforce character education activities



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