Character Education Lesson Plans

Free printable lesson plans for teaching character, social skills, social emotional learning

Looking for a great character education lesson idea? These free printable lesson plans teach kids about honesty, respect, responsibility, caring and more pillars of good character.

Plans are complete and ready to teach

These lesson plans include everything you need to teach an engaging lesson on good character traits. Each character ed lesson plan includes objectives, step-by-step instructions, and links to the free printable worksheets and other teaching resources you'll need. Just print and go.

Complex ideas about character in terms kids understand

All of our character education lesson plans take complicated concepts, like honesty and respect, and put them in words kids can understand. Colorful worksheets and teaching resources engage children as they help kids learn about more than just the obvious points of good traits.

Elementary School Lesson Plans

Honesty / Conscience Lesson Plan- Story-based

Grade level: Kindergarten, 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade

A story-based lesson on honesty, including being truthful in what you say and what you do. Also teaches children about listening to your conscience, and growing from mistakes. Story with supporting worksheets. View Lesson Plan

Social skills lesson plan on honesty for elementary grade students

Honesty Lesson Plan- Worksheet-based

Grade level: 2nd, 3rd, 4th grade

A lesson on different aspects of honesty and dishonesty, including being truthful, telling the whole truth, not hiding the truth, not stealing. Uses text-based worksheet. View Lesson Plan

Social skills lesson plan for Kindergarten on honesty

Honesty Lesson Plan- Worksheet-based

Grade levels: Kindergarten, 1st

A lesson on different aspects of honesty and truthfulness for younger elementary students. Uses picture-based worksheet. View Lesson Plan

Lesson plan teaching respect in friendship and perseverance for elementary school social emotional learning

Respect in Friendship Lesson Plan- Story-based

Grade levels:Kindergarten, 1, 2, 3, 4

A lesson in treating friends with respect, even when feelings are hurt. Includes expressive images to teach empathy and lesson on perseverance through friendship troubles. Uses a story and supporting worksheets.View Lesson Plan

Lesson plan for social skills and character education on respect and responsibility

Responsibility, Respect, Self Control Lesson Plan- Story-based

Grade levels: Elementary school

A lesson in how to think before you act or speak. Lessons in being responsible for your actions, treating others with respect, using self control. Includes expressive images to teach empathy. Uses a story and supporting worksheets. View Lesson Plan

Sunday School Lesson Plans

Teach good character traits, like respect, honesty, and self control, in your next Sunday School class with one of our free printable lesson plans adapted for Sunday School. Includes story, discussion, and fun activites.

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