About Talking with Trees

Teaching good character traits in terms kids understand

This series is for all the moms, dads, grandparents, teachers, and anyone else trying to teach kids to grow up with good character traits. Each Talking with Trees book is a quiet conversation that takes a difficult situation and makes it a worthwhile experience that helps children grow to be good, responsible, caring adults.

Where did the series come from? You can thank my kids for all the talks they sat through with me as we worked through the trials and tribulations of growing up. I’ve been raising four kids, now ages 18 to 7, and every one of them has gone through struggles. After talks that went well (and talks that didn’t) I started to find the best ways to discuss issues of character in terms the kids could relate to and really understand. These are the best conversations, quotes, and emotional journeys the kids and I have had in terms of growing with good character.

My hope for the Talking with Trees series is that it helps kids, parents, and teachers see development of character in a new way — as a means of personal growth toward the person each of us wants to become.

About the Author

Colleen Doyle Bryant, author and mom

Colleen will tell you that having four kids is great because you can say things like, "It is not ok to roast marshmallows over my scented candle,” and because they are a never-ending supply of material for books.

After 15 years in marketing and freelance writing, Colleen first turned to children’s book writing as a project to raise money for a foster home in Beijing, China, where her family was living at the time. Super Easy Storytelling, her first children’s book (written with her daughter), is about how to tell stories together on the fly-- which was the family’s way of calming the chaos that comes with four kids in a car, restaurant, or really anyplace they needed to behave.

The Talking with Trees series is thanks to the kids as well. Colleen wrote the series based on real experiences with tearful children facing the tough business of growing up into good people.

Colleen and her family live in Oregon, USA amongst lots of amazing trees.

About the Illustrator

Manuela Soriani

Manuela Soriani lives in the same small town in northern Italy where she was born in 1979, among the heats in summer and fogs in winter, near the river Po.

Manuela studied to become an accountant, but Art asked to be part of her life. So she answered the call, found a teacher (and later, friend), and became an artist.

After six years in comic books, Manuela began creating both traditional paper books and animated apps for electronic devices. She uses cutting edge technology to deliver the softest and most brilliant artworks she can, for projects all over the world. Manuela always tries to achieve the best balance between fantastic and realistic in every work, carefully researching how things work and adding details to make her illustrations full of life.

She loves cats (she has two), the colors pink and orange, cooking, salsa dancing, tabletop and roleplaying games, videogames, and all forms of art.

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